4K in May NHS fundraiser

Over the month of May, members of Gala Cricket Club will be raising money for NHS Borders’ official charity The Difference to help with its efforts against COVID-19.

Despite the new cricket season being on hold until 1 June at least, 4K in May will see the club’s players and members aim to travel 4,000 kilometres collectively using any form of exercise such as walking, cycling and jogging.

How do I support?

Taking part and keeping a record of your steps throughout the month

Donate at http://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gcc4kmay

Or both

One of the organisers, Ross Patterson, said: “The club felt it was right for us to give something back to the NHS for the work they are doing, while at same time encourage our players and members to get some exercise.

“This can take place in the home or as part of the one form of outdoor exercise allowed each day.

“It would be fantastic if others in community wanted to take part, donate a small amount or both.”

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